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Image of Carnisnora

A book of beautifully detailed, full-page colour illustrations of sleeping carnivorans.

It's a strange world of love-sick binturongs, paranoid bears and motor-mouthed baby falanoucs. Where coatis are hounded by angry patriots and road-tripping skunks sing a lonely song. It's funny, moving and sometimes, just like nature itself, gleefully crude.

Each image is accompanied by a short story or song by:
Peny Bohan
Leonie Brialey
Michael Clunies-Ross
Blair Dodge
Theresa Foley
Amber Fresh
Luke Fussell
Colin Harte
Aaron Harrison
August Jarvis
Laura Mitchell
Manaia Pearmain-Fenton
Matthew Powell
Saul Plusfort
Jonathan J. Williams
Tom Wonton